Monday, August 17, 2009

The race is not over yet...

I have been diligently working on an order for 3 flowergirl dresses that proved to be way more difficult than they appeared in the picture given me. After 60 (yes, 60++ hours) I finally finished. The dresses took over my life for 4 weeks (except for a week in between for vacation) and as a result I stopped going to the gym, taking the kids out, making nice dinners, shopping, talking to anyone on the phone. Yes, they ruled my life. I am REALLY bad a managing more than one project at a time. I won't allow myself to do anything else until a particular project or order is finished. So.... THANK GOD, they are done!

HOWEVER, life is not back to normal because I had to get right back to work and make my own daughter a flowergirl dress for my little sisters wedding. I started that Saturday, pulled two all nighters and it is done. THe rest of the night includes making hair accessories and jewelry for all six bridesmaids, then, up at 4am to leave by 5am with two sleeping children to catch a flight at 9am at JFK in NYC. And finally, we will be off to L.A. for a week (just Me and Aubrielle). So, when does life go back to normal?? Surely not when I get back because that is back to school week and I am selling at a market that Saturday. So, I'll be busy stocking up my inventory for Back to School clothes all week. Maybe once October gets here I can relax?!

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